Leveraging the nation's best creative talent in UX at VCU

Being part of a university's digital team was a great experience that really sparked the beginning of my user experience adventure. The educational resources provided at the time were an enormous help for me to really dive into what it takes to make a great product come to fruition.


MCV Physicians has a very large presence, not only at VCU, but in the central Virginia region as a whole. At the time of our involvement, the website for MCV Physicians was a completely outdated platform. Our job as a team was to come in a drive the new user experience, and manage its deployment.


We took an approach that involved an entire department's strengths and skillsets. From project manager, copywriters, engineers, designers and the gracious help of our school's best talent – we were able to pull of a significant overhaul that would allow us to rise up as an agency.

My Role:

I was the digital designer and captain of the user experience. Being able to speak with users, interview personnel, and collaborate with team members allowed me a real peak into the process for successful UX. I was able to get involved in the strategic decision making and the creative exploration for the new site. This is where my UX journey really began.


The departments and schools were thrilled to know that we've taken a modern approach to product development, with a proper mobile-first approach. The MCV Physicians platform would now allow patients and other users to accomplish their goals with proper ease of use, and delight.