Fostering product growth and pushing design innovation at TicketWeb

I helped drive TicketWeb's business forward through developing multiple projects that improved user engagement and conversion rates with intuitive interfaces and effective content strategies.


Our club and theatre clients needed a convenient solution for scanning tickets on the day-of-show. We knew that ticket scanner devices were proving to be bulky, out-dated and inconvenient methods of entry management, so we needed to develop the required functions through an easy-to-use app.


The TicketWeb team was tasked with diving into this project, which would eventually be skinned and re-purposed for Ticketmaster at large. We came together and executed all phases of the build from concept to release.

My Role:

I was the UX design expert who would come in and pitch ideas, develop wireframes and deliver comps based on our teams user insights and requirements.


The result of our application was a great success, as we were extremely close to our clients who played a significant role on the committee. Knowing who were were serving, and having direct communication allowed us to develop a tool that was on-target to them and their day-of-show needs.