Crafting a lottery system and user experience for the legendary band Phish

Most people know Phish as the legendary jam band, responsible for laying the foundations ahead for future great musical features and artists. Phish has one of the most loyal, die-hard fan bases, and we know that this project had a large responsibility to serve their needs as dedicated patrons.


As most people know, Phish tickets are hard to come by, especially when the fan club is ready to jump onto a high-demand pre-sale list. The problem we had at Ticketstoday, was that there wasn't an effective way to provide tickets and passes to patrons in a lottery-style method, allowing for a random yet controlled distribution


The TT team rallied together and devised a plan to create a lottery ticketing system that would not only fulfill the needs of our users, who were loyal Phish fans looking to acquire pre-sale tickets through a randomized lottery system, but to also demonstrate to our partners that we could deliver a customized solution built on existing platforms that we were currently using at Ticketstoday. We fostered the entire process from concept to creation and were able to deliver a newly improved user experience.

My Role:

I was the lead designer on this project and took a focused approach to the new product by executing sketches, wireframes, and light code changes. I was there to act as a sounding board, and do what I could to provide a best-practice look at things. "How can me make this really easy for users?" I was dedicated to delivering an experience that would make the Phish fans happy and ready to come back for more.