Hacking growth at Pantry through cannabis education and engagement

Pantry is a CPG brand in the California cannabis space that specializes in crafting mindfully made cannabis edibles for holistic health and wellness. Our mission is to break to stigma around cannabis, and slowly introduce and educate consumers about the health benefits that the plant can bring to one's daily life and lifestyle.

My role is multi-faceted. I'm an equity partner in the business, and bring my consultative skills to the table through the leadership of UX, Branding and Technology.

As a startup business, my small team of partners had to do everything imaginable, together. A true idea-meritocracy as modeled by Ray Dalio's principle of collaboration.

We're a data-driven team that leverages insights to drive action. I was able to lead the team in data analytics and consultative design. This experience opened up a world of entrepreneurship for me, and for us as a group – as we first-hand experienced the hustle and grind of a startup company.

As we grew, we realized that the success of our company could explode if we could find a solution to deliver our product through D2C channels. This realization brought on the spin-off company we then created, Flower Market, which you can see deeper into the portfolio.