Managing lean product cycles during a full re-brand at Flower Market

At Flower Market, I led and collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop the newly launched cannabis delivery platform. We created user-centered designs using wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs to effectively communicate our brand message and improve user engagement.

In California, we noticed the big move from retail sales to D2C - which is a tricky task when you're in the heavily regulated cannabis space. The concept for Flower Market was born out of a need, and we were able to quickly build a company that allowed us to leverage several strategic partnerships we made in the space.

My Role:

I'm a stakeholder and sweat equity partner in Flower Market, and I've been an integral part of the startup process. I was able to develop and enable a roadmap that took us from MVP, to MMP, all the way to Release.

I'm also involved in the management of the creative team and vendors needed to progress the marketing and sales efforts. I'll continue to advise and drive the growth of Flower Market in years to come.